Thursday, July 02, 2015

Naps and walks and photos

Oh - I see my blog from yesterday didnt go through!! 
Every day of leave I plan to:

*take a nap
*take a walk
*take lots of photos 

I managed to walk every day so far and just woke from a long nap and here is a picture I took the other night:

Buddy holding her baby
Just thinking.


So I just got back from my walk and it's too early to nap, so here are some pics:
Hey, everyone.
My little fish! Buddy loves swimming you guys! I would be so stolked if that was her thing. Swimming!
This one is My Life. I can bet Josie's first word is gonna be Sasha or Buddy. These two are thick as thieves and Buddy cannot get enough of her.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

three weeks (and a day)

Josie turned 3 weeks old yesterday and I must say these past three weeks of her life have been a whirlwind. Let me explain.

Week 1 - Josie basically flew into the world in a few hours. My water broke at 11 and after driving myself to the hospital and checking myself in (haha) (but seriously) I was hooked up and rolling around 2pm. She came to the world at 5:58 pm in a quick and painful rush. That week we came home for a minute and ended up going back to the hospital. So, we ended up spending her first week in the hospital.

Week 2 - This week was a little less hectic than that first week, but Buddy had her graduation and then started her vacation on Friday.

Week 3 - This past week, Buddy was on vacation so we three spent every minute together and that was a little bit crazy! Then we had Buddy's birthday and even though we "just" had a family party it was still very busy!

But now, I am home just with Ms. Josie. I drop buddy off in the morning and pick her up in the afternoon. I had a lot of time yesterday to just stare at Josie while she nursed and we also took a nap together. It was pretty much a perfect day.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend pics!

Buddy turned five this weekend! We had a little family party. My niece made the cake.
We took a walk on the beach!

We went roller skating.

People held Josie and took pics with her.

It was awesome 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Haiku Friday

Lovely to wake up
To good news from the SCOTUS.
Let the gays marry!

Making progress here
In the good ole USA.
Refreshing to see.

Theres a lot of hate
But sometimes love actually 
Prevails. We all win.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Buddy Vacation

So, Buddy is off of school this week which would usually mean all kinds of excursions because vacation is awesome.

However, I have a two week old baby and had a baby two weeks ago so not so much with the excursions.

We made a little "Buddy Vacation List" and here it is:

- Get a toy
- Go to a museum
- Go to a movie
- Go swimming 
- Go biking every day
- Have fun at home 
- Kiss baby, hold her and hug her

She is in swim lessons, which her dad takes her to. We definitely go biking every day. No one has ever kissed a baby more than Buddy with Josie. We got a toy at Targer yesterday.

Today we are attempting the movie. Say Good Luck!